Soldier and His Military K-9 Recover from IED Blast in Heartwarming Photo

Spc. Andrew Brown and his partner Rocky were injured in Afghanistan earlier this week, according to the 89th Military Police Brigade.

A member of the military police and his K-9 partner survived a blast from an improvised explosive device this week and a photo of the partners recovering in the hospital is now warming hearts worldwide.

Andrew Brown and his sidekick Rocky were searching a structure in Afghanistan when the IED detonated, injuring them both.

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Photos of the duo, one of which shows Rocky with a Purple Heart medal pinned to his collar, were shared by the 89th Military Police Brigade on Facebook and have since been shared by thousands of people.

Rocky and Brown were initally treated in the same room and at one point recovered together on the same bed.

On Friday, an update appeared on Facebook.

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"They are both very thankful for your thoughts and prayers and are in the process of heading back home," the post read.

According to the post, Brown arrived to Walter Reed Medical Center outside Washington, DC.

Rocky was expected to head back to Fort Hood in Texas soon.

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