One Chilean Miner Greeted by Mistress Instead of Wife

Family members greeted the Chilean miners with tears of joy as they were rescued. But one miner was greeted by his mistress instead of his wife. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

In all the inspiring images from Chile, there came this moment of pure soap opera.

Trapped miner Johnny Barrios, embracing, not his wife, but his mistress. The 50-year-old hero looks bewildered. His mistress is all over him but Johnny only gives her a peck.

If he was wondering where his wife was, she was home. An estimated one billion people around the world watched his rescues live on TV, but not Barrios's wife. She refused to.

Barrios, whose extramarital fling was exposed after he was trapped in the mine, was the talk of American television. The drama over Barrios never overshadowed the epic rescue mission that ended with all 33 miners making it out safely.

The last miner to emerge was the hero foreman. He joined Chile's President in a rousing rendition of the country's national anthem.

Below ground, rescue workers held a banner that said "Mission Accomplished." When they too were all safely out, the final image was of the deserted mine, silent and abandoned, while on the surface of the earth the sounds of pure joy.