Melanie Griffith Hits Back at Critics With Unfiltered Photo: 'Say Some More Mean Things'

The 58-year-old actress fired back after online trolls trashed a photo she shared of her legs.

Melanie Griffith proudly posted an unfiltered Instagram photo after online trolls trashed her appearance.

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After reminding them she is 58 with a great career, she issued a challenge:

The post came after she endured an onslaught of mean messages after posting an image of her legs while she sat on the beach.

One commenter told her: "Looks like men’s legs.”


Hawaii with my feet up?

A photo posted by MELANIE (@melanie_griffith57) on Dec 8, 2015 at 3:37pm PST

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Her fans jumped to her defense after she posted the most recent, unfiltered photo.

One person wrote: "Let me tell you Melanie, there is nothing wrong with your looks.”

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