Heartwarming Rescue Effort Staged for Kitten Stuck in Storm Drain Over 28 Hours

A group of dedicated animal lovers worked for hours to pull a helpless kitten from a storm drain beneath a California Costco parking lot on Sunday.

A crew of dedicated animal lovers in California helped save a helpless kitten that was trapped in a storm drain for over 28 hours.

Faint cries were first heard by customers in a Fontana Costco parking lot after it became trapped on Sunday, NBCLA reports.

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Thanks to social media and the concern of cat lovers everywhere, the ongoing rescue gained attention across the country as people as far away as Washington, DC were glued to Facebook awaiting updates to "Operation Kitten Rescue."

David Loop's Facebook posts of the rescue received the most attention. 

"A big giant thank you to Everyone that stepped up for this little guy! This rescue was not just a village but the entire world!" Loop wrote when the rescue was finally over. "He is so happy to be out of that pipe!"

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The kitten was trapped for over a day by the time crews from All American Plumbing pulled him out Monday evening. A video posted to Loop's Facebook shows the moment the kitten was out.

Not surprisingly, Loop decided to adopt the kitten.

"I just got home with the cutest little kitten in the whole world!" he wrote.

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