Sarah Palin Calls Bernie Sanders 'Crazy Cat That Lives Up in the Attic'

Sarah Palin was on CNN and called out the candidates like she saw them.

Sarah Palin, a big fan of Donald Trump, played the word association game with CNN's Jake Tapper on Monday night, with some interesting results.

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To play the game, Tapper named a presidential candidate and Palin said the first thing that came to her head.

When asked about Hillary Clinton, she said: “Nyquil.”

On Bernie Sanders, she replied: “crazy cat that lives up in the attic.”

As for Marco Rubio, she called him “Robotic” and Josh Kasich was “states rights.”

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Tapper also asked: “Who would you like to have a beer with?”

“Who would I like to belly up to the bar with? Donald Trump would be fun,” she said.

Small problem, Trump doesn’t drink.

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