Where Can You Find The Best Pizza in New York City? Let These Rats Decide

New York magazine put NYC's most famous pizzeria's to the test by having rats pick the best pie.

After “Pizza Rat” became a viral sensation, New York magazine turned to rodents on the street to decide where to find the city's best pie.

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The magazine left whole pizzas from Lombari’s, Grimaldi’s, Motorino and Williamsburg Pizza in a park in Chinatown for the rats to devour. Footage shows the rats hauling away slices.

According to the magazine, no rats took slices from Grimaldi’s, two slices were taken from Williamsburg Pizza, 3.8 slices were taken from Motorino but all eight slices were snatched up by rats indulging on Lombardi’s.

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So if the rats are to be believed, your best bet is to head to the popular Little Italy eatery for a slice.

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