Katherine Heigl Talks about Her Bikini Debacle

On a Ryan Seacrest's radio show, Katherine Heigl talked about the photos that have circled the globe of her in a bikini talking to the cops. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

It's Katherine Heigl explaining how she ended up talking to cops in her bikini.

Today she told Ryan Seacrest's KISS-FM radio show in Los Angeles she asked her security guard to call the cops after she says a neighbor started shouting at her while she was relaxing in her hot tub with her hubby, singer Josh Kelly.

"At that point we were a couple of cocktails in. We were totally just hanging out, like making out in the hot tub. By the way, we're so PG. We're not idiots. We're not going to be like out there doing anything scandalous. And there was no noise except us talking quietly to one another. And we were listening to Josh's album," said Heigl.

Heigl showed a sense of humor about the whole incident that ended up with her talking to cops in a teeny bikini, telling ivillage.com, "I had specifically worn a sexier bikini than I normally would, because I hadn't seen Josh in two weeks. The cops showed up. We don't put a towel on; we don't put a robe on. My boobs look ridiculous!"

Heigl told Ryan Seacrest, "You'd know he'd been gone, he'd been on tour. He was only home for three days. I wore my most ridiculous bikini."

Seacrest replied, "We saw it."

"I know. It's awesome. And you know, he started screaming at us to go inside. So I'm like, 'I've had it! I've had enough of this. This is ridiculous. It's harassment, and I'm calling the police,' " said Heigl.