6-Year-Old Boy Who Got Stuck in 50-Foot Tree Says His Climbing Days Are Over

The fire department and an electric company had to rescue Major Ashmore when he couldn't get down.

Major Ashmore is the rambunctious six-year-old in North Carolina who climbed a 50-foot tree in his backyard.

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Now, he and his mother, Kate, are speaking to INSIDE EDITION about the incident.

“I told him to stop," she said.

Cell phone footage captured his antics as his mom called 911.

The fire department raced to the family's home.

“Twenty-three years on the department, I never had a call like this, a child in a tree," Assistant Fire Chief Brian Kelly said.

When they saw how high the boy had climbed and realized the hook and ladder's weight could not be supported in the terrain, officials called for reinforcements.

A bucket truck responded to the scene. Its operator, Douglas Lane, raised inched closer and closer to Major as his nervous mother looked on. 

“I was scared I locked my eyes on him. I said: ‘Don't move,'" Kate said.

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“I told him to be still I was coming to get him. He just reached out for me,” Douglas said. “When I grabbed a hold of him and got him in the bucket the adrenaline kicked in, I was shaking.”

Kate told IE she prayed the entire time her son's life was at risk.

“The whole time I was praying. I was like ‘Thank you, Lord. Thank you, God.’ He saved my son's life. I’m thankful.”

As for little Major, he learned his lesson, saying: “No more climbing trees.”

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