Boy, 12, Tells Man, 89, His Tire Is Low Then Steals His Car When He Gets Out: Cops

A Florida boy who police say has been arrested at least 20 times told a man he needed to check his tire, then allegedly sped off in his still-running car.

A 12-year-old Florida boy has been arrested after stealing an 89-year-old man's car after telling the man he needed to check his tires.

The boy, who St. Petersburg authorities say has been arrested at least 20 times, is allegedly seen on surveillance footage approaching a car while on his bike.

There is no audio in the video, but police say the boy told the man his tire was low.

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When the slow-moving man gets out of the car, the boy can be seen circling the man's car to make his way around the vehicle.

Once the man was on the other side, the boy in the video jumped from his bike, leaps into the still-running car and speeds away.

"I opened the door and looked at the driver's side, he said 'no, no, it's the passenger side," victim Raymond Raftery told WTSP. "I get over to the other side, within two seconds: off the bike, in the car and took off screeching."

In the video, the car appears to come very close to hitting Raftery.

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"I was astonished, it just blew my mind that a kid that age would pull something like that in broad daylight," he said.

According to a St. Petersburg Police Department news release, one of the detectives on the force recognized the kid, who was subsequently arrested.

Police say the boy's rap sheet dates back when he was nine years old and includes both misdemeanors and felonies.

The boy has been charged with grand theft motor vehicle.

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