As LA Students Head Back to School, Here's How NYC Officials Knew Threatening Email Was a Hoax

L.A. schools have reopened after they were closed due to a bomb threat that turned out to be a hoax.

Students are back in classrooms in Los Angeles today after Tuesday’s massive shutdown of the school system following an anonymous terrorist threat that turned out to be a hoax.

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The cost of the school shut down was a whopping $29 million.

In New York, a similar email threat was sent. The mayor and police commissioner said they knew almost immediately that the threat was phony.

There were clues that tipped the New York officials. The email read: "Me, and my 138 comrades will die tomorrow in the name of allah."

"Allah" was not spelled with a capital "A." According to security expert Nick Casale, that was a glaring mistake.

“There's no way a true Muslim would spell Allah with a small 'a,’” he told INSIDE EDITION.

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The email also said: "Every school in the New York City district is being targeted. We have bombs hidden in lockers already at several schools" and the would-be terrorists claimed that 'explosives' and 'nerve gas' would be part of the attack.”

According to New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, that threat came straight from the Showtime series Homeland.

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