College Sports Reporter Fired Over Hat

INSIDE EDITION talks to the sports reporter who was fired for wearing the wrong hat to an interview.

You may flip your lid when you hear what happened to this sports reporter just because she was wearing this hat!

Renee Gork was asking questions at a news conference with Arkansas Razorbacks coach Bobby Petrino. She happened to be wearing the cap of that team's arch-rival, the Florida Gators!

"The whole situation is crazy!" said Gork.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd said, "In essence, you were fired because of the hat!"

Gork replied, "That's what was related to me. Yes."

Boyd said, "It was raining outside! You had good reason to wear the hat!"

"I was getting ready to go, and grabbed the hat at the last minute," said Gork.

Petrino blew his top over the sight of the rival team's hat, telling her during the interview, "And that will be the last question I answer with that hat on!"

Renee told INSIDE EDITION, "I thought he was joking."

He wasn't. This football rivalry is serious business. Two days later, Gork was fired by radio station KAKS in Springdale, Arkansas!

"What exactly did your boss say to you?" asked Boyd.

"Not much into the conversation, he says, 'I'm going to have to let you go.' I thought he was joking. I started crying," said Gork.

But Gork won't be passing the hat for contributions. She's got a new job with a University of Florida radio station, WRUF!

"One door closed, and another door opened," commented Gork.