Bank Robber Runs Past Live TV Report After Returning To Hold Up The Place Again

An bank robber returned to the scene of the crime less the 45 minutes later, but not before a local TV reporter showed up to report on the crime, cops say.

A Minnesota bank robber returned to the scene of the crime on Monday, just in time for a local TV reporter to catch him in the act, police say.

A mere 45 minutes after a suspect held up a bank in Rochester police say he was back. By then, a KIMT reporter had set up a live shot outside the bank.

As Adam Sallet reported on the initial robbery, a bank employee blew past the shot while pointing across the street.

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"That's the robber," the employee said. "That's him right there."

Barely skipping a beat, Sallet told viewers: “Oh, that’s the robber. This is live TV, folks. That’s the robber [that] just went by according to the bank employee. So, I got to go here and call 911. I’ll talk to you later.” 

The report then cut back to the studio, where anchor Tyler Mickelson told viewers: “I can assure you that was not set up.”

Sallet later told INSIDE EDITION he wasn't able to catch the suspect on video because he was acting as his own cameraman.

"I'm the cameraman, reporter, editor, everything," he said. "I was doing a live shot for our noon shot and little did I know that the same guy would try it again."

As his day's assignment has now gone viral, he now says he knows how his subjects feel.

"it's very strange to be on the other side of the news," he said.

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Police say the robber fled in a vehicle, but was arrested within an hour at gunpoint after authorities were able to follow his foot tracks through the snow to a nearby parking lot.

The suspect, described as white and in his mid-20s to mid-30s, allegedly first robbed the bank around 11 a.m.

Investigators believe he was wearing a green t-shirt bearing the phrase "Get Lucky," the Post-Bulletin reports.

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