Fight Night! Jeb Bush Calls Trump 'a Chaos Candidate' During the Year's Final GOP Debate

The final debate of the year, which was moderated by CNN, covered topics including immigration and terrorism.

It was fight night at Tuesday's Republican debate in Las Vegas.

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The final debate of the year, which was moderated by CNN, covered topics including immigration, ISIS and terrorism.

Front runner Donald Trump was attacked head on by Jeb Bush, who said the billionaire was “not a serious candidate” and said he was a “chaos candidate.”

"I think Jeb is a very nice person, very nice person," Trump said. "But we need toughness."

Trump also ruled out a move to run as an independent should he not get the GOP nomination. He said that he is “totally committed to the Republican Party” and is “very honored to be the front-runner.”

He told INSIDE EDITION’s Jim Moret backstage in the Spin Room that he will continue to make his commitment to the party.

“I have a lot of confidence in the Republican Party,” he said.

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz also battled it out on immigration, while Carson cracked a joke that Donald Trump appeared to like.

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“They like me and then they love me,” Carson said. “I sound like Donald Trump.” The billionaire then patted him on the back for the comment.

Rand Paul brought the house down with a reference to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's Brideggate scandal, saying: “Can you really trust someone who puts people in place who might close a bridge if they disagree with him?”

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