Rock Band Blocks Busy LA Freeway

Traffic on LA's busy 101 Freeway slammed to a halt when a band blocked three lanes as part of a publicity stunt. INSIDE EDITION reports.

It was a huge traffic jam on the busy 101 Freeway in Hollywood, with cars backed up for several miles. And you won't believe what caused the backup. It wasn't an accident. It was actually a band deliberately causing havoc on the freeway as a publicity stunt.

It started when the three members from the band Imperial Stars parked a giant truck across three lanes of the freeway. Then they climbed up on top of the truck and started jamming, playing a song from their new album which is appropriately titled "Traffic Jam 101."

Some commuters even got out of their cars and danced, but most others weren't amused. Then one of the musicians took the keys and ran, forcing the Highway Patrol to get a giant tow truck to haul the band's truck off the freeway. They were all arrested and hauled off to jail.

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret spoke to the band members after they were bailed out and unbelievably, they don't think they did anything wrong.

Moret said, "A lot of people are furious with you and they want to know, what were you thinking?"

Band member Christopher Wright said, "Don't be upset at us for stalling you out for 45 minutes, because to me, it's almost ridiculous that is what they are upset about."

Jim Moret went to the 101 Freeway during rush hour, with traffic moving fast in both directions, at the spot where the group pulled their stunt. The highway patrol said it could have very easily turned deadly with a gasoline tanker truck stuck in the gridlock.

Moret said the band member Keith Yackey, "You could have caused an accident, a pileup, what if someone had gotten hurt?"

"It's easy to look back and say 'What if.' But nothing did happen, thank God, and we are happy no one got hurt," said Yackey.

For what they did the band members will face the music when they appear in court next month on charges that could potentially send them to jail for several years if they are convicted.