Katherine Heigl takes Neighbor Dispute to Late Night TV

Actress Katherine Heigl is taking her dispute with a neighbor to late night TV, and says the pesky neighbor has made her consider moving away. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Katherine Heigl takes her battle with her neighbor to national television, talking with Jimmy Kimmel about the feud that ended with her standing on her front porch talking to cops in her bikini.

Kimmel: "Now, have you settled things with the neighbor?"
Heigl: "No. I'm sure I don't know what's going to happen. I'm afraid."
Kimmel: "Have you considered burning his house down?"
Heigl: "I've considered moving."

Heigl says she's about had it with the man she describes as the neighborhood crank who shouts at her all the time, including a night when she and her husband, Josh Kelley, were relaxing in their hot tub listening to music.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Heigl explained the recent incident saying, "It's 9 o'clock at night and suddenly our neighbor starts screaming at us to turn it off and go inside and screaming obscenities. And I just got so frustrated I went inside and called our security and was like 'he's at it again'."

INSIDE EDITION obtained a video of the day Heigl moved into the house, two years ago in Los Feliz, an upscale section of LA. The down to earth movie star rented her own U-Haul truck with Kelley and she carried in her own stuff. Not exactly Hollywood prima donna behavior.

The neighbors seemed happy to have a star on the block. On moving day, a bunch of kids dropped by to welcome her to the neighborhood, and Heigl gave them all big hugs.

"They're quiet, good, neighbors, you know they're not Hollywood party people," said Michael Perry, the couple's next door neighbor.  

Heigl has built a large security gate for extra privacy, but that still didn't keep the world from seeing her in her teeny tiny bikini.

"Oh, should have been sucking it in. Why wasn't I sucking it in?" she joked on Kimmel.