Angry Neighbors Fear 'Menacing' Mansion Built by Gigi Hadid's Dad Could Trigger Landslide

Neighbors have dubbed the Bel Air mansion the "Starship Enterprise."

Model Gigi Hadid's father, Mohamed Hadid, faces criminal charges over the mega mansion he's building in Bel-Air, California which angry neighbors have dubbed “The Starship Enterprise,” officials said.

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Joe Horacek lives below the 30,000 square foot glass structure and is fighting to have it demolished.

He told INSIDE EDITION: “’The Starship Enterprise’ looks like it landed on the hillside and could topple over any moment.”

The mansion dwarfs all homes around it.

Neighbors aren't just angry over how the mansion looks, but are also worried it could actually slide down the hill.

They say construction has made the land unstable and they fear that heavy rains could trigger a massive landslide.

The billionaire developer could face jail time if convicted of construction violations, including building without securing a proper permit.

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Neighbor Maureen Levinson said: “How can you sleep at night knowing something like that could come toppling done on you?”

The mansion even has a 70-seat Imax Theater and guest suites built below the swimming pool.

An attorney for Mr. Hadid told INSIDE EDITION: "Mr. Hadid should not have been named as a defendant. There are no facts which support such a charge. Nevertheless, Mr. Hadid has agreed to correct any construction irregularities."

The daughter of Hadid and ex-wife Yolanda Foster, a cast member on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, is model Gigi Hadid, who just appeared in the Victoria's Secret fashion show. Their other daughter, Bella, is also a famous model.

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