Car Full of Star Wars Characters Pulled Over By Police

Star Wars characters were on their way to the premiere of the new film when they were pulled over by police.

A Texas police officer pulled over an SUV and when he asked the driver to come out of the vehicle, a man dressed as Chewbacca from Star Wars emerged.

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The intergalactic Wookiee’s companion, Han Solo, got out of the passenger side, while people dressed as villains Darth Vader and Darth Maul surprised the officer when they exited the SUV.

The group claimed they were going to the premiere of the latest installment to the franchise, The Force Awakens.

In what was later revealed to be a prank that the police department was in on, the incident was caught on dashcam by the Fulshear Police Department and they posted it on Facebook.


The officer said he was “part of the force” and asked to go the premiere as well, the characters stuffed him in the trunk of the SUV and drove off.

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Soon after they left, little Jawa thieves arrived and took off with the officer’s abandoned cruiser.

While Star Wars fever is everywhere these days before The Force Awakens opens on Friday.

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