Watch These Skydiving Adventurers Skype Their Parents While in Free Fall

A group of travelers went skydiving and just as they did the jump, they called home.

A group of travelers went skydiving over Sydney, Australia and performed the thrill while scaring the Hell out of their parents as they Skyped with them while in free fall from the plane.

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Travelers from around the globe, including the U.S., Ireland and the U.K., were on a trip with Hostelword, who surprised the group with a skydiving excursion in Sydney. There was a catch – they had to Skype with their parents the whole time.

The video was posted on YouTube and families around the world were stunned to see their children doing such a tremendous stunt.

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After the dives, one of the travelers said: “It was totally worth it to see the reaction on their face.”

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