New York City UFO Mystery Solved

The mystery of those strange objects seen in the sky above New York City has been solved, and INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

The mystery behind the strange objects in the New York City sky has been solved.

Thousands of New Yorkers were astonished to see what they thought were UFOs hovering above Manhattan's skyscrapers.

But it turns out to be a close encounter… of the party balloons kind!  

"These are our balloons. I'm pretty positive of that. It just makes perfect sense to me," said Angela Freeman, principal of the Milestone School in Westchester.

The UFOs were probably pearl-colored helium balloons which drifted 20 miles from a school in Mount Vernon, a suburb just north of New York City.

They were for a surprise engagement party that second, third and fourth-graders gave for a favorite teacher, Andrea Craparo.
"A parent donated balloons, I think four dozen balloons, and on her way into the building 12 of them got free," said Craparo.

An even bigger surprise than the party was seeing the pearl colored balloons on Good Morning America and making headlines around the world.

"Our children were blown away. Just the whole idea of UFOs and people believing our balloons could have been that…," said Freeman.   

And there may be another UFO scare ahead.

"They're thinking about a Martian theme for my shower," Craparo said.