This Weather Reporter Used the Force When Giving Her Star Wars-Themed Forecast

A U.K. weather reporter used as many Star Wars puns as she could in a recent forecast.

A British local weather reporter couldn’t help but drop a few Star Wars references in a recent forecast.

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Sian Welby of Channel 5 in the U.K. used as many puns, references and quotes from the franchise she could in her forecast.

“There will be a fairly light breeze — the Force is strong, though, for northern Scotland. And tonight the weather strikes back,” she said.

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Another play on Star Wars was: “Well it’s another unusually day, mild day today with a Leia of cloud covering the UK — but if you Luke father west you’ll be seeing a layer of sunshine, if you’re Wookiee.”

Her deadpan delivery worked the jokes seamlessly in her weather report.

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