The Unlikely True Story of the Woman Who Inspired Jennifer Lawrence's New Film 'Joy'

Jennifer Lawrence's new film, Joy, is the true story of a woman who defied the odds to become a success.

Jennifer Lawrence’s new movie Joy tells the story of a broke single mom who went on to build a business empire after inventing a version of the mop.

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It's based on the true rags-to-riches story of Joy Mangano.

In real life, Mangano was a divorced mom raising three kids in a modest two-bedroom home on Long Island, New York.

She had a moment of inspiration and invented The Miracle Mop, a revolutionary product that wrung itself out, rather than requiring its user to wring it out by hand. 

The first marketing effort for The Miracle Mop was a flop, but  Mangano convinced an executive at QVC–played by Bradley Cooper in the film– to allow her to go on the program to sell it herself.

The Miracle Mop went on to become a sensation and is now estimated to be valued at about $10 million in sales.

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Mangano went on to hold more than 100 patents for inventions, including a sponge that takes away bad odors and gives off fresh smells as well as the Huggable Hanger.

Close to 390 million hangers have been sold, making it one of the bestselling products on television.

Bill Brand, president of HSN, where Mangano's inventions are huge sellers, told INSIDE EDITION that “her focus, her determination, her perseverance -- that’s what it about Joy.

“It's about believing in yourself, having that vision and knowing that if you work hard and stay on course -- good things will happen,” Brand said.

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