Are Democrats Trying to 'Protect' Hillary Clinton by Holding Debates on Saturday?

As the Democrats get ready for a new debate, many question if the DNC is trying to protect Hillary Clinton.

Why hold a televised presidential debate on a Saturday night?

Some Democrats say they're upset that the Democratic National Committee, which schedules the face-offs, has again picked a Saturday night for a presidential debate.

This weekend's encounter in New Hampshire will air at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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A spokesman for candidate Bernie Sanders quipped, "I guess Christmas Eve was booked." 

Critics contend  the committee is favoring Hillary Clinton by having debates on Saturday, the lowest TV-viewing night of the week, so fewer people will see any gaffes or blunders she might make.

The DNC denied those claims.

On Friday, Sanders threatened to sue the committee after the organization cut off his campaign's access to an important voter database.

The committee contends that Sanders' staff took advantage of a software glitch to grab confidential voter information gathered by Clinton workers.

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The Sanders campaign terminated Josh Uretsky, its national data director, on Thursday. He denied trying to access the data. He told CNN on Friday that he wasn't peeking at Clinton data, but was only trying to find out bad the software breech was. 

The Sanders campaign claimed being locked out of the crucial voter data is yet another example of the committee stacking the deck against the Vermont senator, CNN reported. 

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