Clinton Claims ISIS is Using Donald Trump In Jihadist Recruitment Materials

At Saturday night's mostly tame Democratic debate, Clinton's claim the terrorist group is using Trump to recruit new members raised eyebrows.

While the three Democratic candidates for president traded jabs in New Hampshire on Saturday, they were sure to also give Republican frontrunner Donald Trump a few licks.

And holding back the least was presumed nominee Hillary Clinton, who took a step further the suggestions that Trump's fiery rhetoric regarding Muslims could actually aide ISIS.

"They are going to people showing videos of Donald Trump insulting Islam and Muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists," Clinton argued.

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The claim raised eyebrows at the largely uneventful debate. And, according to CNN, it isn't even true.

While experts mostly agree that Trump's brand of Islam-bashing plays into the hand of ISIS recruiters, there is no evidence that they've used his comments directly.

Asked for this evidence, the Clinton campaign referred CNN to a Dec. 8 NBC News article titled "Donald Trump's Muslim Bashing Aids Cause of Terror Networks, Say Experts."

In the piece, Rita Katz with the SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors the social media activities of Islamic terrorist groups, told NBC:

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"They follow everything Donald Trump says...When he says, 'No Muslims should be allowed in America,' they tell people, 'We told you America hates Muslims and here is proof.'"

Outside of the Trump bashing, Saturday's debate saw its most anticipated moment come and go in its first few minutes.

Asked if Hillary Clinton deserves an apology after his staffers took advantage of a gllitch to access Clinton's voter data, Bernie Sanders said yes.

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 "Yes. I'm sorry," Clionton's leading opponent said without hesitation. "This is not the type of campaign that we run, and if I find anybody else involved in this, they will also be fired."

Clinton, in turn, thanked the Senator from Vermont.

"Now that, I think, you know, we've resolved your data, we've agreed on an independent inquiry, we should move on, because I don't think the American people are all that interested in this," she said.

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