200-Pound Pig Finally Rescued From Manhole After Devoted Owner Climbs Inside With Him

Latoria Middleton's pet pig is like a second son to her, so when no one would help her save him from an Atlanta drain pipe, she did what any mother would.

A pet pig in Atlanta that was lodged in a pipe for days is now safe after his devoted owner refused to leave his side despite being turned away for help by the city and other agencies.

Latoria Middleton's 200-pound potbellied pig Rick "Bacon" Ross fell into a manhole on Wednesday morning and became trapped inside the cramped drain.

Middleton told Fox 5 Atlanta she was offered no assistance despite calls to 911, Animal Control, the Watershed Department, PETA and others, she decided to stop asking for help and instead demand it.

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By Friday, when the beloved pig she'd raised since its infancy had been trapped for two days, Middleton called the local news and crawled inside the hole.

"This is my baby and I was told that no one was going to come help us so I could not let him sit down here alone," Middleton said from inside the 15-foot deep hole.

According to Middleton, the media attention finally won her some support from local authorities. 

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Atlanta Fire Rescue assessed the scene and determined Bacon was too heavy to be lifted out by a person. 

Instead, the fire department had to bring in special equipment to pull the 2-year-old pig out, WGCL reports.

Once they finally got him into the light of day, Bacon squealed with joy as his mom wept happy tears of her own.

"It is the best Christmas gift I could ask for," Middleton said.

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