Husband Steals Wife's Identity, Gets Her Falsely Arrested

Heather McMahon was arrested three times after her identity was her ex-husband! INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Heather McMahon was framed for a crime she didn't her ex-husband!

"I suspected that my husband was behind it," McMahon tells INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander.

She explained how the man she once loved almost got away with a perfect crime.

"Why would your ex-husband do this?" Alexander asks.

"I think he was willing to do anything to make me look bad," says McMahon.

McMahon and her husband, Christopher Whitney, were married for five years and lived outside Nashville, Tennessee. During their 2008 divorce, things got ugly.

The trouble began when McMahon's neighbor accused her of making 12-15 harassing phone calls a day. Her number showed up on his caller ID for each call, and he threatened to call the police.

McMahon was arrested three times over the harassing phone calls.

"What did you tell the police?" Alexander asks.

"I tried to explain to the police officer that I hadn't made the phone calls, I didn't know what he was talking about or how he was able to get my phone number on his phone."

Then a friend told heather about "Telespoofing."

McMahon showed INSIDE EDITION a website that allows you to place a call while changing the number that shows up on the caller ID.

Then you type in the number that you want to show up on your friend's caller ID.

Using phone records, McMahon's lawyer Nathan Whittle was able to prove the calls actually came from her ex-husband

"He almost got away with this," says Alexander.

"He actually did. If we were not able to obtain those records, there was a distinct possibility that she would have been convicted of phone harassment," Whittle says.

Instead, her ex-husband pled guilty to stealing her identity.