Jimmy Carter's 28-Year-Old Grandson Dies After Unexpected Heart Failure

Jeremy Carter's heart stopped for unknown reasons just hours before President Carter broke the sad news to his Sunday School class.

Former President Jimmy Carter's 28-year-old grandson has died.

Jeremy Carter reportedly felt ill on Saturday and went to take a nap. At some poin thereafter, his heart stopped, according to Rev. Jeremy Shoulta from the Maranatha Baptist Church in Plains, Georgia.

The family attempted CPR before rushing Carter to a hospital.

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"They were trying to keep his heart going and eventually, later in the night or the wee hours of (Sunday) morning, his heart stopped," Shoulta told CNN.

The cause of Carter's death was not immediately clear.

Maranatha Baptist member Jill Stuckey told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that Jeremy, the son of Jeff and Annette Carter, was "fun-loving" and that he attended the church when he could.

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President Carter, who only weeks ago celebrated news his cancer had been successfully treated, broke the news to his Sunday School class just hours after his grandson died.

"(President Carter) was shaken," Shoulta said. "He was obviously sad although he was able to teach and he was able to present the lesson as well as he always has. But it was apparent to everyone there that this was weighing on him very heavily."

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