Woman Who Taunted Dying Child is Arrested

The nation was shocked at Jennifer Petkov taunting a dying little girl. Now, INSIDE EDITION has learned about more trouble the woman is allegedly causing.

Looks like the neighbor from hell might need to prepare another apology.

Jennifer Petkov, who admitted she taunted the family of a terminally ill 7-year-old girl, has been arrested and charged with trying to run down her next-door neighbor. 

Tana Boling says the drama happened as she walked by Petkov's driveway on the street outside Detroit where they both live. The alleged attack came after she called Petkov a woman with "no heart."

"When she started the car, it looked like she was coming right towards me. I had to step out of the way because in my eyes, I thought she was going to hit me," said Boling.

INSIDE EDITION told you last week how Petkov used a photo of little Kathleen Edward, who is dying of a brain disease, to make a grim skull and crossbones image, which she posted online. She also posted a photo of the girl's dead mother photoshopped to appear in the arms of the grim reaper.

In an interview with INSIDE EDITION, Petkov apologized for her actions, saying, "I want to apologize to little Kathleen and her family," said Petkov.

The story generated an extraordinary response from INSIDE EDITION viewers, and many doubted the apology.

"No sincerity at all," said one viewer.

"This woman is obviously not sorry, no matter what she said," another wrote.

Viewers called Petkov "shameful" and "disgusting."

Petkov's arrest for allegedly trying to run down her neighbor won't come as a surprise to the little girl's family. Kathleen's stepmother told INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent Petkov antagonized other families on the block.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent asked, "So this was happening with other neighbors too?"

"Oh yeah," said Kathleen's stepmother.

Petkov's lawyer calls the latest accusations "ridiculous." He was at her side, fielding INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent questions during our interview last week. With this arrest, she'll need him more than ever.