Man Steals $6.77 From Tip Jar After Paying $9.82 For a Meal He Never Ate

A supposed thief stole a tip jar at a restaurant after he just paid for his food.

A man allegedly stole $6.77 from a restaurant's tip jar but he walked away without making a profit - because he left behind a meal that cost him $9.82.

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Security cameras at the restaurant in New Zealand caught the man in action as he put the jar in his bag.

The owner of the restaurant, Yateen Lallu, confronted the man in the bathroom, according to reports.

Lallu told “I said to him 'there's our tip jar', and he said 'it wasn't me, it must have been someone else.' I said 'are you sure? Are you telling the truth?' And he told me to check his bag and check the security cameras and I started to doubt myself.”

As Lallu went to review the security footage, he says the man took off.

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Lallu posted the footage on Facebook to see if anyone recognized the man, who was left out of pocket, despite the alleged theft.

"So it wasn't worth it, he had a bad day. It was not good karma for the poor bloke," Lallu said.

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