Kitty Chaos at 35,000 Feet! Loose Cat Gives Stewardess a Scare as it Stalks Around Plane

A cat got loose on a Delta flight Saturday, leaving a flight attendant more than a little perturbed.

A cat got loose on a flight over the weekend and caused a stir as the perturbed, and cautious, flight attendant asked that the owner's come and scoop up the kitty.

In the video from Viral Hog, the tortoiseshell cat is seen stalking the aisles looking none too pleased as the Delta flight attendant says through the PA system: "There's a cat in the galley."

"Whoever's cat this is please come and ... wake them up if you see them with the cat carrier," she says. "I need them to come and get their pet." 

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The kitty takes no notice, of course. And the skittish flight attendant visibly bristles as the cat stalks right past her.

A helpful passenger soon moves in and tries coaxing the kitty back into the main cabin, but to no avail.

Eventually, the cat's owner came to collect her pet and put it back inside its travel bag. 

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