Father and Son Send iPhone into Outer Space

A father and son sent an iPhone into outer space as a science project. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

A father and son sent their iPhone into outer space, and they captured incredible images of Earth!

Luke Geissbuhler thought it would be cool if he and his 7-year-old son Max did a science project together.

So they loaded a camera and an iPhone inside a bed of Styrofoam, along with hand warmers to keep the camera from freezing.

Then they attached the contraption to a weather balloon and launched it from Newburgh, New York. Geissbuhler got clearance from the FAA to send the weather balloon into space.

The balloon climbed 25 feet every second, and 24 minutes after lift-off the curvature of the Earth started to take shape.
The iPhone emitted a strange electronic signal as it struggled to transmit its precise location using GPS.  

After 60 minutes, the iPhone was weightless in outer space.

Suddenly, the balloon burst and a homemade parachute deployed as the iPhone plummeted to Earth.

It landed just 30 miles from its launch site and the father-son team used the iPhone's GPS to track it down.