Santa Claus Is Real and He Lives on Long Island

A man named Santa Claus currently lives on Long Island.

It is time to make everyone believe in Santa Claus, as Father Christmas is in fact a real person, but he doesn’t reside in the North Pole – he lives on Long Island.

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Mr. Claus, who was born Frank, legally changed his name to Santa Claus over 20 years ago and his wife of 23 years is perfectly fine with it.

He spoke to Great Big Story and told them his wife gave him her blessing: “She said: ‘As long as I don’t have to change my name, go right ahead.’”

The Long Island man is a nontraditional Mr. Claus; instead of a sleigh he drives a black pickup truck with customized plates.

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He also has three tattoos of himself, loves barbecue and is into zombies.

The Long Island version of Santa Claus also customizes his costumes and claims to be on thousands of refrigerators since he poses professionally as the character.

“I am the most loved person on the planet,” he said.

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