Teenage Grinch Caught Stealing Inflatable Santa

CCTV footage shows what appears to be a teen boy stealing a blow-up Santa from a prominent display in an Australia town.

An Australian town's most prominent Christmas display is now missing one large Santa after a teen stole the inflatable centerpiece right out from under their noses.

Surveillance footage from outside a business in the town of Port Macquarie shows the hat-wearing grinch rip the inflatable Santa from its mounting then carry it away.

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"We are a bit upset, Santa was the prominent display and we've had him for couple of years," proprietor Meryllyn Page told Yahoo.

The conveyancing business won a local Christmas decor competition last year, but likely won't be in the running this year.

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"We aren't going to bother this year," said Page, who fears how the culprit may one day do something worse than this relatively petty--albeit hurtful--crime.

"If he did this it may lead to other things," Page said.

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