Wide Receiver Signed to Jets After Standing Outside Stadium With 'Work Wanted' Sign

Joe Anderson stood outside the Houston Texans' stadium with a "Will Run Routes 4 Food" sign and a month later his stunt paid off.

A dedicated athlete with a flair for the dramatic has won himself a spot with the New York Jets.

Joe Anderson stood outside the Houston Texans' stadium for several days with a sign that read, in part: "Will Run Routes 4 Food."

Now, over a month later, the wide receiver--who was drafted by the bears in 2012 but was waived after an injury--has signed on to the New York franchise's practice squad.

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Anderson's entire sign read: "Not homeless...but STARVING for sucess!!! Will Run Routes 4 Food #Whateverittakes #underdog #IBelieve #hungry"

Tuesday marked Anderson's first practice with the Jets, where he joined former Chicago teammate Brandon Marshall, the AP reports.

After his time with the Bears, Anderson was with Philadelphia in the 2014 offseason and spent time in the Canadian Football League.

However, when he found himself out of a job this season, Anderson took some unusual action.

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Just don't call it a publicity stunt.

Anderson wrote a lengthy message along with a photo of himself outside NRG Stadium on Instagram, which reads in part:

"Forget a publicity stunt Boyz is Really HUNGRY out hur dawg to the point if the coach wanna line up I'll route him up too, to the point if it's special teams an the REF get in the way I'll hit him too!! It's something flickering in my head everyday with much Humility and WILL power to go the extra mile when it come to believing in myself and proven all doubters wrong."

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