Killer Who Doused Woman in Gas and Set Her Aflame With a Cigarette Is On the Loose: Cops

Police in Pomona, Calif. say 51-year-old Clarence Duwell Dear killed an unnamed female victim by burning her alive.

A man who burned a woman alive is on the loose in Southern California, police say.

The Pomona Police Department is in search of 51-year-old Clarence Duwell Dear who they say doused an unnamed woman in gasoline and set her on fire.

The woman was discovered by Los Angeles County firefighters on the afternoon of Christmas Day as neighbors attempted to help save her.

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Neighbors say they saw the victim run from the residence engulfed in flames.

The victim was treated for severe burns and was transported to a local hospital where she died shortly thereafter as a result of her injuries, according to a Pomona PD press release.

Pomona PD detectives say early evidence suggests the victim got into an argument with Dear, leading to a fight during which they say he doused the victim in gasoline.

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Police believe Dear then lit the victim, possibly with a burning cigarette.

As burning the victim collapsed in the street, police say Dear fled the scene.

Pomona Police detectives are asking for the public’s assistance in locating the suspect and have released a 2012 booking photo of Dear to help facilitate.

While it is unknown if he is armed, Dear is considered "extremely dangerous" and witnesses who believe they've seen him are advised to call 911.

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