Angry Man Dumps Live Chickens Inside Oregon Tax Department Building: Cops

Police in Eugene say 66-year-old Louis John Adler appeared "angry" when he left seven chickens at the Oregon Department of Revenue on Wednesday.

If you're looking to take out some frustration on your state's revenue department, keep in mind that paying your taxes with heaps of loose change is now passé.

That's because an Oregon man upped the ante on Wednesday when he pulled his truck up to the Department of Revenue in Eugene and unloaded seven live chickens inside the agency's building, police say.

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According to the Eugene Police Department, Louis John Adler appeared "angry" when he dropped off the flock, though they declined to reveal just why the  66-year-old was so mad.

Adler was escorted from the location and warned that he would be charged with trespassing if he returned. He was not charged with a crime, ABC reports.

The Eugene Police wrote on Facebook that, while "chicken wrangling is not a required skill for police officers," officers responded to the scene and helped an animal welfare officer capture the birds.

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The fowl were taken to a nearby animal shelter and will reportedly not be returned to Mr. Adler.

instead, the chickens have been put up for adoption. 

Cary Lieberman with the Greenhill Humane Society, told ABC News:

"We are looking for a home experienced with chickens and who will keep them as egg-layers and companions rather than send them straight to the pot."

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