Woman Tossed Urine at Neighbor's Home After Stockpiling It In a Bucket: Cops

An Indiana woman is accused of saving up her urine in a mop bucket and causing thousands of damage with it to her neighbor's home.

An Indiana woman faces criminal charges after allegedly tossing urine at her neighbor's home for months.

Police in Lynn say 69-year-old Jackie VanTyle stockpiled her own urine in a mop bucket and threw it at the home of a neighbor, the Star-Press reports.

VanTyle reportedly told police, "I don’t like him. He’s a bad neighbor."

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Court documents filed last week say VanTyle's neighbor called cops to his home Oct. 14 under the belief that VanTyle had tossed the bodily waste on an outside wall.

The officer wrote that "a very strong odor of urine hit me" and said it was "obvious something was (being) thrown."

When taken to the police station in October, authorities say VanTyle admitted that she'd urinating in a bucket and waiting for her neighbor, Joe Basler, to leave before tossing the urine on his home.

VanTyle also reportedly admitted to tossing the urine for months.

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After he installed a surveillance camera, Basler claims he got footage of VanTyle in the act of vandalism in October.

Lynn Town Marshal Brad Fisher told RTV6 the siding on Basler's home will need to be be replaced and could cost $300 to $3,000. 

VanTyle was charged Dec. 18 with two counts of criminal mischief.  Her initial court hearing will be held Jan. 12 in Randolph Superior Court.

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