TV Night on Dancing with the Stars

Bristol Palin celebrated her 20th birthday on Dancing with the Stars in a monkey suit! INSIDE EDITION has more.

It was TV theme night on Dancing with the Stars, with Bristol Palin paying tribute to The Monkees, in a full gorilla suit!

Palin then took off her costume to reveal a hot pink dress.
It was actually Palin's 20th birthday. INSIDE EDITION caught her texting backstage and she said she was happy to get out of her monkey suit.

"It was stuffy. I have monkey hair all over me but it was worth it," she said.  

And where did she go for her birthday? Cameras spotted Palin, wearing a black cocktail dress, going into The Mint, a trendy Hollywood night club.
Palin celebrated her big night with her cousin and some friends.
And who could have predicted legendary TV mom Florence Henderson doing a tango to The Brady Bunch theme song.
And guess who was in the audience? Barry Williams, also known as Greg Brady, who still has a thing for his TV mom.

"I still have a crush on her. I keep asking her, 'how does it feel to be the hottest thing on the dance floor?' " Williams said.

The Hills star Audrina Patridge danced to her own TV theme, and she looked like the quintessential California girl, wearing a very revealing outfit...a sexy pink bikini underneath a sheer cover-up.

And Jennifer Grey looked like the perfect 50's housewife dancing to the theme from Married with Children...and she had some support from her close friends. Jamie Lee Curtis was back, sitting behind Michael J. Fox.

"There's nothing better than friends, real friends," Grey said.