See the Craziest Caught-On-Tape Moments of 2015

INSIDE EDITION looks back on the craziest moments caught on tape this year.

Countless explosive, nail biting moments that took place throughout the world and were caught on tape made 2015 an exciting year.

INSIDE EDITION looked back on the moments that had us all at the edge of our seat.

In Tennessee, off-duty firefighter Tim Tawater risked his life to save a dog from a burning home in October.

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While some people like Tawater became heroes, others were caught on camera being anything but heroic.

Two women end up in a altercation in the shampoo aisle of an Indiana Walmart. A young boy was urged to join in. He was caught whacking the woman who was fighting with his mother. 

In Yuma, Arizona, a 51-year-old man attacked a motorcycle driver, who he said cut him off.

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The year also saw plenty of unbelievable moments, including footage of a nine-month old baby surfing with his dad in Puerto Rico.

Motocross rider Robbie Madison also caught some waves and was seen surfing on his motorcycle.

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