Storm Chaser Jeff Piotrowski Attacked and 'Almost Stabbed' in Chest During Live Periscope Broadcast

It wasn't the Texas tornados that gave storm chaser Jeff Piotrowski a scare, it was a man who he says pulled out a knife during a live broadcast.

Veteran storm chaser Jeff Piotrowski pursues the deadly tornados in Texas but felt he had never come up against such danger as when he says he was face-to-face with a knife-wielding maniac. 

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During a live broadcast on Periscope, the storm chaser spotted a man who he thought was hurt.

But when he asked how the man was doing, he replied: “I need to speak to an attorney, please.”

Jeff says the man then suddenly pulled a knife and tried to attack him, who sped away.

He spoke to INSIDE EDITION about the incident, saying: “He's running down the road with his hand on his head. I think he's injured."

The ordeal continued as Piotrowski tried to escape. 

"He was on my running boards, hanging on to the side of my truck and I saw a blade as he was trying to reach inside the truck and stab me in my chest," he said. 

During the broadcast, which had more than 2,000 viewers, Piotrowski said: “This guy just tried to attack me. This guy just tried to attack me with a knife! I drove off before he got me. He almost got me. Almost stabbed me in the chest!”

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His wife, Kathryn, was also watching the broadcast as her husband came under attack.

"I was just absolutely freaking out. It was so frightening, so scary. I just felt the blood drain from my head. I felt like I was going to faint, actually," she told IE. 

Piotrowski reported the attack to law enforcement but he says the experience won't stop him trying to help someone else in trouble.

"When people are buried in the rubble and they are hurt and injured, all they need is help. They are not going to attack you," he told IE. 

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