Hear the Harrowing 911 Call 3 Boy Scouts Made After Their Scout Master Was Captured By a Bear

Three boy scouts saved the life of their scout master after he was attacked and captured by a bear.

Harrowing 911 calls made by three Boy Scouts after their scout master was trapped in a cave by a bear that awakened from winter hibernation have been released.

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One scout told the 911 operator: “I think the bear's on top of him.”

The stunned operator asked: “The bear's on top of him?”

“Yeah, I think so,” the scout said.

Christopher Petronino, 50, was fighting for his life inside the cave in the Split Rock Reservoir Park in New Jersey. The three scouts kept their cool and even tried to lure the bear away in the December 20 incident.

Petronino managed to hit the bear twice in the head with a rock hammer before curling into a fetal position and covering his face with a sweatshirt, authorities told the NJ.com.

According to reports, the call lasted nearly 90 minutes as help tried to arrive to them.

The rescuers had trouble finding them in the park. The Scouts then got the bright idea to make a signal fire to help rescuers locate them in the park.

The fire worked as helicopters began to hover over the area and incredibly, the bear let go of the scout master and ran away.

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A grateful Petronino got on the phone with 911 and was actually apologetic saying: “I'm sorry about this. He pulled me into the cave.”

The operator said: “Listen, there's nothing to be sorry about, okay? Let's just get you taken care of, okay? Where are you bleeding? Your leg? Your arm?”

Petronino was bleeding from his left arm, left leg, neck and head. He told the operator: “He got me good.”

Petronino was hospitalized for nonlife-threatening injuries, according to reports.

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