NYPD Apparently Gave a Homeless Man a Pair of Air Jordan Sneakers

A homeless man proudly showed off a pair of sneakers he claimed came from the NYPD.

During the season of giving, one homeless man on the streets of Manhattan said that the NYPD gave him a pair of Air Jordan sneakers.

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Author Alysia Stern was in New York City to help feed the homeless and the nations Vets when she came across a man who claimed he received a pair of sneakers from cops.

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She posted the man's story on Twitter:

So not only did I give him a some food. #NYPD gave him sneakers. What a blessings. pic.twitter.com/cV9x3SGCeE

— Alysia Stern (@AlysiaStern) December 27, 2015

The suggested retail price of the sneakers is $170. It is unknown if the sneakers were part of a larger NYPD initiative or a random act of kindness from some officers.

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