Family Angry after Video of Daughter's Death Goes Viral

INSIDE EDITION has the tragic story of a family who thought they had been through the worst when their daughter was killed in a car accident, but now a graphic video of her crash site has gone viral on the internet.

A woman thought the worst pain she'd ever known was the grief she felt the day her daughter died. She was wrong.
Dayna Kempson Schact, a mother of two, was killed in a car crash on a highway near Griffin, Georgia last July.

Her parents, Lucretia and Jeffrey, laid their daughter to rest and went on with sweet memories of their lost loved one.

Suddenly all that has changed, because a shocking video of the fatal crash site has gone viral and the Kempsons have seen it.

"With this video I close my eyes now and see her head, the trauma to her's disheartening, very painful," Lucretia said.

What's even more astonishing is that the video was reportedly shot by a firefighter on his cell phone! In the video, you can hear an onlooker say, "Hold that down for a minute so I can put it there. Oh my God!"

"Now that we've seen this video you can't erase it, can't get it out of your mind," Jeffrey said.

"I don't understand how anybody could do this. Why? I don't know," Lucretia added.

Meanwhile, the Kempsons are trying to remember their daughter the way she lived, not the way she died.

"She loved life, she loved her family. She loved both her boys so much," said Lucretia.