The Luckiest Family

They might just be the luckiest family around. The Sophers have three kids, one born 8/8/08, another born 9/9/09, and their latest child was just born on 10/10/10! INSIDE EDITION has the amazing story.

Parents Barbie and Chad Sopher of Grand Rapids, Michigan have a new daughter, Cearra. The lucky lady was born on 10/10/10.

"10/10/10 was just unbelievable, I didn't think that would ever happen," Barbie said.

But Cearra is not the only lucky kid in the Sopher family. 2- year-old daughter Chloe was born on 8/8/08 and son Cameron was born on 9/9/09!

"I fully intend to call them eight, nine, and ten," said Chad.

So, was any of this planned?  

"None of it was planned," Barbie told INSIDE EDITION.

Cearra was actually due on November 4th, but Barbie developed blood clots in her legs. Cearra was induced four weeks early, amazingly making her birthday the lucky 10/10/10.  

Are the Sophers hoping for a fourth baby on 11/11/11?

"We're done. We're out of bedrooms here at the Sopher household," Chad said.