Bernie Sanders Inspires Hashtag After Being Photographed Flying Coach

Bernie Sanders is setting out to be a man of the people by flying coach.

Bernie Sanders has spent his campaign rallying against the One Percent and is sticking to his policy by flying coach.

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The Democratic presidential candidate has been spotted flying coach multiple times in recent weeks and has now inspired the hashtag, #SandersOnAPlane, after a photo of the politician was posted in a Facebook group called “Florida for Bernie Sanders 2016.”


— Patti Jaro (@pjaro62) December 8, 2015

#Sandersonaplane #Bernie2016

— Patti Jaro (@pjaro62) December 1, 2015

Sanders flies coach straight into supporters' hearts. #SandersOnAPlane

— ɹoʇɐuǝʌou (@novenator) December 30, 2015

Kudos to Bernie Sanders. #SandersOnAPlane

— Bernie's Homie (@BerniesHomie) December 29, 2015

It even inspired a series of memes.

This @BernieSanders photo says it all! #sandersonaplane #feelthebern #Bernie2016

— Kaydee King (@KaydeeKing) November 11, 2015

It doesn't get more real than #SandersOnAPlane

— Go Bernie (@goberniefor2016) December 29, 2015

Many have said Sanders's traveling habits are a stark contrast to other presidential hopefuls, including, Donald Trump, who has traveled on a private Boeing 757-200 jet.

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Sanders’ Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, has also been flying commercial after stopping her private plane usage in May.

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