Watch a Lifelike Robot with Personality Have Conversation with Her Creator

While Nadine may look like an ordinary friendly woman, who shakes your hand and even remembers past conversations, is actually a robot.

While Nadine may look like an ordinary and friendly woman, who looks you in the eye, shakes your hand and even remembers past conversations, she’s actually a robot

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The realistic looking robot is remarkably different from conventional ones. Nadine can greet you, remember your name and has a personality. She also has moods and emotions when reacting to a conversation topic.

Nadine was invented by scientists at The Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. She made to be a doppelganger of her creator, Professor Nadia Thalmann. Nadine works by using intelligent software, similar to Apple’s Siri.

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The social robot can be used as an assistant in offices or at home where she can be a social companion for the young or elderly.

“As countries worldwide face challenges of an aging population, social robots can be one solution to address the shrinking workforce, become personal companions for children and the elderly at home, and even serve as a platform for healthcare services in future,” Thalmann said.

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The Nanyang Technological University said it hopes that with further scientific progress in robotics, robots like Nadine will become regularly visible in offices and homes in the future.

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