Bill Cosby's Attorney Says He is Going 'Blind' and is the Victim of Newly Elected, Politically Minded D.A.

According to Bill Cosby's attorney, the former comedian is 'blind' and is the victim of politics.

Bill Cosby is going blind, which is why he needed help walking into court on Wednesday, according to his attorney, who has vowed to mount a vigorous defense for her client.

Cosby suffers from keratoconus, a condition that changes the shape of the corneas and can lead to blindness. He is also afflicted with glaucoma, according to his attorney Monique Presley, who appeared on morning shows on Thursday .

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She said on Good Morning America: “He's 78 years old and blind. So he does use a cane and he does require assistance.”

Cosby and his lawyer were photographed outside Philadelphia embracing as he boarded his private jet on Tuesday night to return to his mansion in Massachusetts.

INSIDE EDITION spoke to Victoria Valentine, who claimed Cosby drugged and raped her in 1970 when she was a Playboy Playmate.

She was thrilled of the news that Cosby was charged and said: "At last, at last, at last." She also added: "We feel vindicated and validated and we are elated." 

INSIDE EDITION also learned new details of what happened the night Andrea Constand says she was assaulted by Cosby. The former director of operations for Temple University’s women's basketball team says she went to Cosby's mansion for career advice.

In a civil deposition he gave in 2005, Cosby admitted giving Constand “blue pills” in order " help take some of the stress and tension away."

"We began to neck and we began to touch and kiss," he claimed.

He says they got into a "spooning position" and then engaged in what he called consensual sexual contact.

But Constand tells it differently. She says the pills left her "frozen," "paralyzed," and "unable to move or speak,” according to a criminal complaint.

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She says Cosby "fondled her breasts" and then sexually assault on her. She says she woke up at 4 a.m. with her "sweater bunched up" and her "bra undone.”

Cosby came to check on her "in a robe.”

When she left his house, she says he handed her a “blueberry muffin" and said “alright.”

The case was reopened by Kevin Steele, the newly elected D.A. for Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

During a heated election, Steele slammed his predecessor for not prosecuting Cosby 12 years ago.

Cosby's attorney claimed he is the victim of politics.

Presley said on GMA: “What we have is the fulfillment of a campaign promise. He had to make good on what he promised in order to get in that office.”

Cosby pleaded not guilty to the charges against him. 

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