You'll Never Guess What Present Made This Grandma Blush

One grandma got a risque gift that made her blush and surprised her.

A great-grandma opened a Christmas present and to her surprise, it was something that made her blush and laugh.

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It was a firefighter calendar filled with page after page of shirtless hunks.

Mary Ann Davis, 80, couldn’t believe her eyes. The mother of five, grandmother of 10 and great grandmother of 14 couldn't stop laughing as she took in her gift.

The video is quickly becoming a viral sensation and INSIDE EDITION spoke to her about what she said was a welcome present.

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"That is what I want my firefighter to look like," she told INSIDE EDITION.

Davis also said her favorite hunk was Mr. April because that is her birthday month. She added: "I want him to come to my house when I ring 911 for fire." 

Looks like grandma got the perfect gift.

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