Former Playboy Model Arrested for Shooting Husband

INSIDE EDITION reports on a former Playboy playmate who's been arrested for shooting her husband in their Hollywood apartment during an argument.

She was one of the great beauties of the 1960's, and Playboy's Playmate of the Year in 1968. She starred as the bikini-wearing cavewoman of the camp classic When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth.

Now Victoria Vetri is under arrest in Los Angeles for attempted murder. It's a stunning turn of events for an actress who once co-starred as Mia Farrow's neighbor in Rosemary's Baby.

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret reports from outside Vetri's shabby, rented Hollywood apartment, where Victoria Vetri has lived for the past 20 years, far from her glamourous earlier days.

And the apartment is where police arrested the 66-year-old former Playmate after they say she shot her husband in the chest with a handgun. The police complaint lists her married name, Victoria Rathgeb, and charges her with attempted murder of her husband Bruce after an argument.

Vetri's neighbor, Michael Arrington said, "It's sort of like a modern day story of Sunset Boulevard. You know, she's the faded Playboy centerfold, and she would still walk up and down Hollywood Boulevard and go 'People recognize me.' "

She was one of the most desired women of the swinging 60's, appearing on dozens of TV shows, including a memorable appearance on the original Star Trek.

She was born Victoria Vetri, but used the stage name Angela Dorian.

She posed with a pink car she won for being named Playboy's Playmate of the Year in 1968. Just a few years later she dropped from public view. Reportedly becoming a waitress and bartender, before surfacing once again on an attempted murder charge for which she's being held on $1 million dollars bail.