Bill Clinton Campaigns For Hillary After She's Heckled Over His Past

Bill Clinton is joining Hillary on the campaign trail.

Bill Clinton made his first campaign stop for wife Hillary in New Hampshire on Monday morning.

His anticipated appearance drew criticism from some rally-goers on Sunday. During Hillary Clinton's first campaign stop of 2016, a heckler quizzed her about his past conduct.

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Hillary told the woman: “You are very rude and I’m not going to ever call on you.”

The heckler, Katherine Prudhomme O’Brien, a Republican state representative from New Hampshire, was referring to the sexual assault allegations made by Juanita Broaddrick in 1999. Bill Clinton denies the allegations.

O’Brien told INSIDE EDITION on Monday: “I am really conflicted by the fact that I was so rude. I know I was rude. I had the opportunity to express myself and tell her what I really thought. I know I was impolite.”

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At least five women claim to have had consensual extramarital affairs with Bill, while at least two women have accused him of sexual harassment, and one of rape.

Donald Trump also hammered on Bill Clinton's past during an appearance on Face the Nation on Sunday.

“What he did and what he has gone through I think is frankly terrible," he said.

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