Miss Universe Says It Wouldn't Be a Good Idea to Share Her Crown

Pia Alonzo welcomed INSIDE EDITION into her new apartment, where she spoke about the pageant mix-up.

Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach showed off her apartment to INSIDE EDITION as she discussed the pageant mix-up.

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She showed off her living room, bedroom and kitchen but explained: "I don't cook because I don't have time, even though I am a culinary graduate." 

But as she enjoys the thrills of being Miss Universe, she can't escape the pageant debacle. Host Steve Harvey mistakenly announced that Miss Colombia was the winner, instead of Pia, Miss Philippines.

Pia said her reaction in that moment was entirely natural. “What people saw was the real me, you can't rehearse a moment like that," she said.

Pia said she talked to Harvey afterwards, and he apologized to her.

Miss Colombia has called the mix-up “a great injustice" and "very humiliating for me."

She also asked to share Pia's crown - which Miss Universe says is not a good idea. But Pia said she did call Miss Colombia on Christmas Day.

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Miss Colombia’s fans continue to express outrage. One supporter actually burned an effigy of Miss Philippines and Harvey.

But even with the cloud hanging over her, Miss Universe is happy to start her reign.

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